Wine Tasting Flyer/Template

wine tasting flyer template

Wine Tasting Flyer/Template

Nothing too wild here, just had a bit of time to play around and design another wine tasting flyer/template kind of deal.

It’s the 3rd one that I’ve made available for sale on They’ve been selling pretty well for a couple bucks per high resolution file. Basically a winery can then tailor the image with some text to suit their wine tasting event. Hence a template I suppose.

If you’re a designer or photographer looking to make a little extra cheese I’d definitely recommend uploading graphics or photos to Dreamstime.

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Simple Business Website on a Budget Guide

I’m often confronted by family, friends, and strangers seeking website advice for their business. Here are the steps, and no it’s not free. Well, my advice is. Actually in the long run the cost involved pays for itself many times over by resulting in a low cost streamlined website that you easily can update. In a nutshell, buy your domain name and hosting, and get this easy website building program. Now lets dive in and get this done.

First Step…

Get your domain and web hosting from Skip this step if you already have a website.

Go to and follow the steps to order your domain name and BASIC web hosting plan bundle. They love to pepper you with confusing extra up-sells, but stick with the “No Thanks, Continue” button and you’ll end up with a domain name and reliable website hosting plan (the place your website files are actually stored). I have tried many marginally cheaper companies, but always return to That simple, go do it.

TIP: Consider a domain name that contains some words people will be searching for, not necessarily your business name. For instance: will naturally appear better in searches than say

You’ll get an e-mail with all the details shortly afterwards for logging in and uploading files (FTP) from GoDaddy. Save this for future reference.

Last Step…

Easy website building software. My best recommendation is Interspire Website Publisher for $395. Money back guarantee, free support, free installation, the works.

This is incredibly low-cost considering no monthly fees, no website designer cost, and no additional software to purchase down the line.

This is as “do-it-yourself” as it gets, while still looking and functioning like a professional created it. Sure it isn’t free, but for good reason. Free website options like WordPress or Joomla are fantastic options but only if you know how to install a MySQL database and are familiar with basic CSS programming to customize it.

This software is pretty close to amazing. Check out their video or try the demo first-hand to try it out. It’s pretty astonishing at how easy web development has become over the past few years. Best of all, they will install it to your own web host to get you up and running at no extra cost–remember that e-mail you received with your website account info? This is all they need (see their FAQ).

Once they get that done, you can login to your website, select a few style options, punch in some company info from your brochure (or whatever) and you are off and running. It’s search engine optimized by default–which just saved you about $500 from having an SEO nerd like me tweak all your website code for top Google results.

Watch the tutorial video–at least the first few minutes. It actually makes you want to build your website instead of dreading it. While there are options you probably won’t use, at least everything is there for an effecient website almost out of the box. No special web design software like DreamWeaver needed. That just saved you another $500. Now, go do it.

Let me know if you have questions.

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Logo Revision and Clean Up

I was contacted by a local company WaineBrandt who appeared to be seeing more success lately with their financial management business. Their original logo was designed a little on the low-end and lacking good print-ready formats. They liked their basic logo, but wanted to see it cleaned up. I offered some new font styles, and prepared logos in pantone colors, grayscale, black and white, and in high resolution AI and PDF formats for professional printers to use.

I prefer to fill in some hours on the weekends with these small jobs, as Chateau Elan pretty much exhausts my week! :)

logo revision georgia Click for bigger.

Joanna the Fairy Cow

Joanna kept me up most of the night, ended up falling asleep on the floor next to her little toddler sized air mattress to keep her company. Didn’t sleep so well.

Can’t really segway into this picture. But its her awesome halloween costume she made up. She insisted on wearing the fairy wings to bed that night.

fairy cow costume Click for bigger.

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Email Marketing for Hotel

Although I design HTML emails for marketing on a regular basis for our hotels, typically 2 or 3 a month, I generally don’t post samples. However I haven’t posted anything in a zillion days so what the hey.

This is for a small hotel we’re managing on St Bart’s island. It is our first email promotion on their behalf, with a lot more to come I imagine.

hotel email marketing design Click for bigger.

Being a Yankee Entitles Me This

1) I have peed my name into snow.

2) A good haircut.

… Its 3 a.m. that’s all I got.

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Wine Tasting Poster or Flyer #2

I was experimenting with various Illustrator techniques and tools and decided to create a follow-up flyer or poster design to my original surreal wine tasting poster.

Here is what I came up with:

wine label design graphic design

This was my previous wine poster:

wine label design graphic design

Both are available as EPS and AI files for sale at (search wine flyer). Or if you randomly found my website looking for something like this let me know and I can customize the design as a poster or flyer for cheap.

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Tri-Fold Wine Brochure Design

Here is a sample Tri-Fold brochure design from last year’s Wine Tasting guide at Chateau Elan. Lots of smooth transitioning gradients. Created in Adobe Illustrator.

Click for full view…

wine label design graphic design

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How to adjust a Pivot Point in 3DS Max

So are your objects in 3D Studio Max rotating the wrong ways, and you had no luck on the forums trying to get an answer why? I had the same problem, and lucky for you it’s very easy to fix.

Here you go:

An object’s pivot point is the center about which the object is rotated and scaled. Pivot points are usually created at the center of the object when they are created. But if pivot point is all jacked, or you need to move your pivot point, then you can adjust the location of your pivot point by doing the following:

First, click the Hierarchy tab

Now in the Hierarchy panel, click the Pivot button, and click the Adjust Pivot button. Your XYZ Pivot Point is now selectable, and you can move it to your desired position like moving an object in your scene.

Easy as that. If you found this useful at all, do me a favor and click one of my Google sponsors before you split!

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I just had a breakthrough idea.

Nevermind, I just really want to bump that last boring entry about Google adsense. Turns out I wasn’t the first or thousandth guy to hit that topic purely to get some money with their own system. I can tell you who is making the real money in this whole situation though, yeah Google. I’ll return with another idea, I need to write more anyway I’ve been neglecting my keyboard.

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